BLOOD ON THE REEL by Johnny Daggers to invade the EAST and WEST COAST in October!


Johnny Daggers‘ upcoming Horror documentary, Blood On The Reel: the Guts Behind Indie Horror has been selected to screen at the TRI-CITIES International Film Festival Saturday October 17th. Meet & Greet cast Member Kelly Hughes for autographs & an after showing QA and pick up an exclusive Blood On The Reel poster pre-signed by Johnny Daggers.

BOTR will screen on Halloween October 31st at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Winchester, VA as well during the Virginia Independent Horror Film Festival. Filmmaker Johnny Daggers himself will in attendance for autographs & an after showing QA and pick up an exclusive Blood On The Reel poster signed by him.

The film will be releasing World-wide through SGL Entertainment on DVD and VOD.

Blood On The Reel: the Guts Behind Indie Horror is a documentary which focuses on Indie Horror Filmmakers from around the world and the perils we’re put through to bring your our films. BOTR is the first documentary of its kind to explore the depths of guerrilla style filmmaking in Indie Horror.

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THE PRICE by Shawn Anthony starring Jessica Felice


It’s not everyday when you watch a well made film that was created on the budget of only $1.00. Filmmaker Shawn Anthony created just that out of the passion for his craft. THE PRICE stars Jessica Felice, Michelle Lewis & Steven Cambian and tells the story of Stacie, who has lost everything and looks to exact vengeance on those who hurt her. She’s staying with her brother and his girlfriend Elizabeth, who could help her achieve her goals. Is she willing to pay the ultimate price to get what her soul desires? What Hell is she willing to go through to get her revenge? You must watch this supernatural horror/thriller to find out!

I definitely give THE PRICE the Malevolent horns up of approval. From the storyline to the visual effects and cinematography to the well acted roles of the cast, this film is of the highest quality that can be held in the same regards as others with a much higher budget. Jessica Felice will dazzle you with her spellbinding supernatural role as the wickedly charming character Elizabeth. Shawn Anthony has given us a timeless masterpiece with this short film and we look forward to seeing his upcoming feature THE HAUNTED.

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James Cullen Bressack’s Pernicious hits DVD – exclusive to Redbox from September 8!


Redbox : September 8    Elsewhere : September 29

Burbank, CA – After thrilling audiences in theaters and On Demand earlier this Summer, James Cullen Bressack’s bone-chilling horror hit Pernicious makes it way to DVD.  The title will be exclusive to Redbox (link here) from September 8 and available elsewhere from September 29.

Pernicious, starring Emmy-nominated Emily O’Brien (Young and the Restless), Ciara Hanna (Power Rangers) and Jackie Moore (100 Ghost Street) and tells of three young girls, holidaying in Thailand, who unleash the spirit of a murdered child with only one thing on her mind – revenge.

The Arrival Of The Demon: The Origin Of MALEVOLENT


Demon Drawing by Michael Boeckelmann – Demon Coloring by Glen Hammonds – The Story of Malevolent by Emory Slone

Hot winds whip as the crackling flames burn higher, permeating within the depths of the infernal chambers of darkness. In Hell, the stench of death, rotting flesh and melting sulfer radiates throughout the thick, moribund air. The Dark Lord stands, blackened wings spread and horns held high, as a new legion of demons are being born. Hellspawn slowly break through matured pods as he overlooks his new batch. “Rise my children!” he proclaims with blasphemous eyes.

Little baby bloodsoaked demons stretch their arms and legs let out screams of anguish as their wings begin to unravel and horns break the skin on their heads. One lies still looking at his father with piercing eyes of focus. The Dark Lord walks over to him, picks him up and holds him, studying the fearsome look staring back. With his clawed finger he carves “MM” into the infant demon’s forehead and says, “You are my special one. You will be known as MALEVOLENT.”

An adolescent batch of demons sit, looking at The Dark Lord as he teaches them the essence of evil and how they must come to Earth, possess innocent souls and turn them into the evil doers of the world. With his razor sharp talons he points at them and shouts, “My fledgling children…you must rise upon the earth and possess mankind! Bring their souls to me to fuel the fires of Hell! Give us eternal power and I…we shall reign supreme over Him and his kind! Everlasting pain and suffering for them all! The time is fast approaching!”

MALEVOLENT is different. He was born with a good heart and freewill. He can’t understand the hate and rage of his father. He thinks to himself, “Mankind doesn’t deserve to be unwittingly controlled into doing evil if they are good in their hearts. If I can stop this I will, but I must time it just right.”

The Dark Lord approaches him and says, “MALEVOLENT my son, the time has come and you are the chosen one to lead your kindred demons on this earthly quest. You know what must and any casualties of your brothers will be no setback toward our reign.” MALEVOLENT looks at his father with darkness in his eyes, “Yes Father, I fully understand what I must do.”

MALEVOLENT stands at Hell’s gateway to Earth with the legion of his kindred demons behind him. The light of the outside world reflects into the darkness as they step forth upon the land of humankind for the first time…

To be continued…

Watch for the continuation of this demonic tale in the form of a comic strip in the coming issues of Malevolent Magazine X-treme!

The Morning Star Preserve Company by Abandonhope Films starring Emma Dark

11228912_1595013787415023_5172299576547770616_nWritten and directed by Kev Harte from Abandonhope Films, The Morning Star Preserve Company is a short horror/fantasy film revolving around the daily activities of what on the outside appears to be a normal factory. The company is actually revealed to be the realm of hell and it is here we will discover that human souls are chosen daily to be gathered and given to Lucifer to satiate his desire to take over the Earth. This rule was set out as per “The Heaven Agreement” Contained in Jam jars which are picked by a member of staff each day are tarot type cards respresenting the Lords of Hell.A demon is assigned through these cards and sent out into the human world to bring back human souls who must perish at the demons hands so they can take it back to the factory for “processing” With a visual style reminiscent of Guillermo Del Toro’s work Via Sam Raimi with a touch of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, this will be Abandonhope’s most ambitious project to date.

The film stars Emma Dark, Liam Olsen and Mark Rathbone. Malevolent caught up with Emma Dark and here’s what she’s saying about The Morning Star Preserve Company: “I’m super excited to be featuring in a film of such originality, led by one of the best indie cinematographers in the UK. I play lead character Laura Kinsey, which while being my kind of strong character also gives me a great opportunity to be in front of the camera on a story I’m passionate about after spending the best part of a year working behind the camera on my own film.”


There currently is a Kickstarter campaign underway for the project:

They are asking for £3000 for the budget of the film.This will go towards paying the cast and crew a minimal amount, and way below what the average is for experienced industry people. Director Kev Harte, will be doubling up as Director of Photography on the project and will not be taking any salary from the budget.The remainder will go towards feeding and accommodating the cast and crew as some intend to travel from London to the North east of England.


Malevolent Magazine: Legends of Horror – Coming October 1, 2015


Legend: “Stories handed down by tradition from earlier times and popularly accepted as historical.”

Malevolent Magazine’s inaugural Halloween collector’s issue addresses just that. The legendary people who brought to life some of horror’s legendary characters. We explore the person, as well as their exceptional contribution to the horror genre. Pazuzu, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Candyman, Chucky, Rufus, Alice, Grandpa Sawyer and ChopTop!

Their movies handed down by generations, along with traditions of holidays in which to watch them and the history that was made by them.

To the Legend we lost, Mr. Irwin Keyes, a heart driven story of his life told by his sister that includes what inspired him…his paintings.

And it doesn’t stop there. Malevolent showcases the legendary composer Harry Manfredini, special effect pioneers Ali Gordon and Tate Steinsiek of Ill Willed Workshops, monster maker and brilliant SPFX master Adam Milicevic, captivating literary work by Del Howison, photographer extraordinaire Bart Mastronardi, gifted TV/Music star Alex Ruiz & an artist who is a skilled genius, William C Cope.

Malevolent takes readers deeper into Horror by entering the creative process and stories from four innovative and exceptionally crafted indie films:

The Haunted by Shawn Anthony, Tales Of Poe by Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly, Pale Horse by Pearry Teo and Kim Durham & Abnormal Attraction by Michael Leavy, Steven Della Salla and Jason Leavy. The content of these spotlight films, told by the creators themselves!

From graphics to content, behind the scenes images to a monster reveal only found in this issue. Cover to cover Legends of Horror honors the past, spotlights the present and gives exclusive material on things to come in the spellbinding world of horror.

Cover reveal coming soon with exclusive artwork by artist William C. Cope

  • written by Amy Humphries: Executive Creative Media Director, Malevolent Magazine
  • blogged by Emory Slone: Owner/Editor-In-Chief, Malevolent Magazine



What: T-shirt Fundraiser for MANOS Returns

When: September 3 – October 1


Jackey Raye Neyman Jones, aka “Debbie” from the classic B-movie “MANOS – The Hands of Fate” is launching a t-shirt fundraising campaign for her upcoming film project MANOS Returns.

The MANOS Returns design is exclusive to this campaign and features the mesmerizing visage of The Master in red and white on a black 100% cotton t-shirt. Each t-shirt also comes with a limited edition art card signed by Jones. T-shirts can be pre-ordered on the MANOS Returns website starting September 3rd.

Cult classic film “MANOS – The Hands of Fate” was immortalized by Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and is considered by many to be the worst movie of all time.

MANOS Returns t-shirts will be available through October 1st. Money from the campaign will cover start up costs for the film, including shooting scenes with Tom Neyman, who played The Master in the original MANOS.

“I think the fans will be happy to know that The Master will finally be paid for his work,” said Jones.

A professional artist, Jones came up with the idea for MANOS Returns this past summer after spending an afternoon with Neyman and Bryan Jennings, the son of the Sheriff in the original MANOS.

“The project bloomed virtually overnight,” said Jones. “There’s been so much talk of people making MANOS sequels and prequels and I looked around and thought ‘Who better to do this than us?’ We want to get as many significant MANOS people involved as we can.”

Produced by Jones, MANOS Returns will be directed by award-winning Seattle filmmaker Tonjia Atomic (Plain Devil, Hobo with a Trashcan). A Kickstarter campaign to cover the remainder of the project’s expenses will be launched in October 2015.