LAMB FEED (2014) – A Michael S. Rodriguez Film

Kaci Hansen, Arch Hall Jr., Tyler Gallant, Robert Mukes, Michael Wainwright, & Meghan Chadeayne

The Wicker Family: Kaci Hansen, Arch Hall Jr., Tyler Gallant, Robert Mukes, Michael Wainwright & Meghan Chadeayne

LAMB FEED by Michael S. Rodriguez has the elements of good old fashioned American Horror with a modern twisted twist. Narrator Scott Geiter gives us fair warning that we are in store for a bloody blend of brutality before the film begins. With extreme images of gore & violence and some controversial or even taboo subjects touched upon, the film forewarns that hardcore horror fans are in for a treat.

Mitchell Barnes (Luke Church) is on the road in his rental car and is running late for an important business meeting, all while arguing with his fiance (Melanie Robel) on his cell phone just as he loses a signal. In an instant things get alot worse…without giving away key points of cause and effect, Mitchell gets a flat tire and has no spare. Frustrated and determined to get back on the course, Barnes makes his way into the small community in search of a phone, but residents aren’t home. Wondering a bit further, he meets the first member of the Wicker family (Michael Wainwright), who invites him to take part in a town gathering where he is actually the guest of honor.

Meghan Chadeayne as Lana Wicker

Meghan Chadeayne as Lana Wicker

Once inside, Mitchell is introduced to some other members of the family…Pa Wicker (Arch Hall Jr.), a disabled Vietnam veteran and Lana (Meghan Chadeayne), the flirtatious country girl of the bunch. Make a few sarcastic comments, take a drink and use a phone, then Mr. Barnes will be on his way…not exactly. I’m not going to give any more of this film away, but we’ll just say things take a very brutal turn when Lana leads The Butcher (Robert Mukes) into the main room for the LAMB FEED. Will Mitchell Barnes escape with his life? Will the local lawman (Tyler Gallant) be his only hope for survival? You must watch this short-film and find out!

Michael Wainwright, Meghan Chadeayne & Robert Mukes (The Wicker Family) prepares the LAMB FEED...Mitchell Barnes (Luke Church)

Michael Wainwright, Meghan Chadeayne & Robert Mukes (The Wicker Family) prepares the LAMB FEED…Mitchell Barnes (Luke Church)

The SPFX make-up by Grace Betancourt Ortiz and Kalie Reed is bloody brutal and very realistic. The storyline has a classic setup, but the uniqueness and delivery of the characters makes this a film that deserves to have a feature length follow up.

Robert Mukes as The Butcher

Robert Mukes as The Butcher


Bruce Campbell Talks About The “ASH VS. EVIL DEAD” Series!

ASH VS. EVIL DEADThe following is what Bruce Campbell had to say about the upcoming “ASH VS. EVIL DEAD” Series on Starz during an interview with Entertainment Weekly…

“We realized if we made another movie, frankly, it would probably be too expensive. But in the format of a TV show, we could give people exactly what they wanted and expand the character and the story even more. Ash would probably have more dialogue in one season than in three movies. He’ll have to become a more fleshed-out character as well. And we never burned Evil Dead as a franchise out—it’s not like we did 13 of these movies. So we felt like, what the heck, let’s give it a try. Walking Dead is Walking Dead, but we were kind of first. And I would say it’s about as big of a counterpart to Walking Dead as you could program, because Walking Dead is unrelentingly grim and hugely popular. We’re going to give people a little of the old fashioned slapstick – horror and comedy. The fans have been really good to us over the years. This is an opportunity to do something with full street cred. [Fan reaction to last year’s Evil Dead remake] was all, “Yeah yeah, that was nice, fellas, but we still want the real deal.” This is it. Sam’s back. I’m back. [Executive producer Rob Tapert’s] back. Love it or hate it, this will be the real deal.”

EVIL DEAD“He continues being a trash-talking know-it-all who doesn’t really know anything. He’s the ultimate anti-hero. He’s a guy with no appreciable skills. He’s not a former Navy SEAL, he’s not a former CIA or FBI. He’s no special anything. He’s just a guy from S-Mart, you know? And think that’s part of what people relate too. All these super hero movies—I rather relate to a garage mechanic who gets into a sticky situation. That’s what I look forward to playing—a guy with horrible flaws. In Army of Darkness he can’t memorize three words and he’s responsible for the deaths of a 100 people—this is your lead character!”

“It’s a threesome, which is a good number. Since it’s not cast yet, it would be silly to fully describe them. But they’re supposed to be two very good counterparts. One is a male-bonding situation; the other is father-figure deal, since Ash could have a daughter the same age as this character. Hopefully we’ll pull Ash out of his loner-veteran mode and get him back into being a human being again.”

“There’s jokey horror and horror-horror. When there’s a presence in the room, it has to be dealt with because it’s an extremely dangerous and volatile situation. Humor may come out of it, but there’s nothing funny about a demon ripping somebody’s head off. And the beauty of Starz is there’s no content issues. Let’s face it: Fans want the carnage and the mayhem. So we intend to give them quite the explosion of viscera. Most of it directed at me, unfortunately.”


HELLBILLY (2003) – A Massimiliano Cerchi Film


                 “HELLBILLY brings forth a bloodsoaked bone-crushing brand of brutality!”

A film that was lost in obscurity for 11 years has been found by the filmmaker, Massimiliano Cerchi, and is ready to be unleashed on DVD by SGL Entertainment. HELLBILLY brings forth a bloodsoaked bone-crushing brand of brutality! Mixing in a bit of dark humor, the mentally tortured masked murderer is told to KILL by a “talking” doll.


Just when you think HELLBILLY might have a concerned heart for the disabled, skulls will be cracked. No mercy is taken for those spreading the word of God, as he will make them eat their words…literally. Visions of his path of death and destruction fills his head as he dances the night away with the corpse of his haunted past…HELLBILLY is at peace at the end of his murderous day.