Scarlet Fry’s SCREAM MACHINE by Deadly Indie Entertainment – Set For Release September 29, 2015


SCREAM MACHINE will be released on September 29, 2015. Click the image to Pre-order now!

With an introduction by Troma legend Lloyd Kaufman, Deadly Indie Entertainment, Scarlet Fry (Writer/Producer/Director) and Paul C. Hemmes (Writer/Producer) bring us 5 hellish tales of post-apocalyptic blood-soaked terror after the world wide ebola virus outbreak. Host Dr. Fry and his assistant Dr. “Head”ley Graves provide an eerie atmosphere as they lead us into the dismal bowels of the SCREAM MACHINE.

“Sledgehammer” takes us out to the ballpark when two baseball scouts are checking out the pitching talents of an up and coming player with a mean fast ball…so fast it could bash a man’s face in. What will happen when he becomes a successful player in the major leagues, but a vengeful killer comes to pay him a late night visit?


“Cannibal Pen Pals – The Dahmer Obsession” takes place in anytown America 1993. A love story unfolds as a man unhappy with his wife and obsessed with the infamous cannibalistic serial killer lives out his sadistic fantasies at the expense of another man seeking companionship. What will happen when his wife discovers his pen pal love letters from Dahmer himself and tells him Jeffery was murdered in prison? Will the Dahmer legacy live on?

In “April Fools Party” some drug-head pranksters decide to mess with Junior, their go to supplier. After several hang up phone calls, they show up outside his house adorning masks and garnishing knives. How will Junior react in his wigged out, paranoid state of mind?

“Septic Shock” tells the story of a man left for dead in, of all places, a septic tank by his wife and her lover. Will he survive the toxic shock to exact revenge or will he slowly rot while enveloped in human waste?

At “The Deadly Indie Drive-In” a couple tries their luck at love while catching a flick on the big screen. The woman begins receiving messages through the radio informing her to end this date in the most murderous and brutal fashion. Will she ignore this madness or give into her calling to kill?

SCREAM MACHINE is a very entertaining film that is a throwback to the 80’s style horror anthologies. Composer Kirk Mazzia provides the perfect soundtrack for the gore-covered, sick and twisted scenarios. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves to combine horror and fun, because it is a total non-stop gory good time.

Click here to order SCREAM MACHINE

Click here to order SCREAM MACHINE


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