The FANtastic Horror Film Festival chooses as its next Official Selection for their 2015 Season, Geno McGahee’s Horror Feature – SICKLE.

SYNOPSIS:  Twelve year old Michael Hart is convicted of the murder of a babysitter, despite his claims that a “monster did it.” Upon his release, the monster returns and the bodies are piling up. Is it the grim reaper? Is it the Mothman? Whatever it is, it’s a killing force and Michael must prove its existence to clear his name but must also face the darker side of humanity. What is SICKLE and can it be killed? Michael Hart will find out if it kills him.

Trivia:  SICKLE features music from horror icon Jonathan Tiersten and the Ten Tiers and the popular heavy metal band, TigerTailz.



About the FANtastic Horror Film Festival

The FANtastic Horror Film Festival is dedicated to providing an outlet for Independent Horror Films with a focus on movie viewers and the filmmakers.  For three days, San Diego will be the Horror Capital of the United States, and plans to own Halloween.

A couple dozen films and as many shorts will be presented to the fans of Horror in San Diego.  Film Distributors are invited to review the best in Independent Horror, and more important, Horror Fans will have a Party!

FANtastic Horror Film Festival

5663 Balboa Ave., Suite 376

San Diego, CA  92111-2705




Twitter:  @fantastichorr


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