VOICES FROM THE GRAVE (2014) by AmberMoon Productions

1560625_715049905202367_627275847_nThe dead have stories to tell as AmberMoon Productions brings us VOICES FROM THE GRAVE with trilogy of terror-filled tales when Miles Brandt (Bobby Shook) finds the perfect book to satisfy his craving for horror. He sits down in the book store and reads a few of the stories:

ALL HALLOWS EVE takes us to our favorite time of year as some young adults party it up on Halloween. Vince Mundy (Sean Ryan McBride) is sent on his way by his ass of a brother Robert (David Nelson), despite being to drunk to drive. Even a protective jack ‘o’ lantern won’t save him from an inevitable deadly crash. Three years later a depressed and guilt ridden Robert visits his deceased brother’s grave. He hates Halloween now, but is invited to a costume party to help him get over his loss. He decides to watch horror movies at home alone instead. As he throws back some beers some rascally kids disturb him, but he sends them on their way. He soon gets another visitor…Could it be more kids playing pranks? Could it be his mind playing tricks? Or could it be his dearly departed brother back from the grave to get the sweet treat of revenge?
(Story by Richard Stoudt & Joe Evans – Screenplay by Richard Stoudt & Laurence C. Holloway)

INVITATION starts with Len Krager (Michael Hanelin) having a few drinks with a friend, but when he leaves the bar he finds on his car seat an invitation to a party. It’s signed simply “W” …Who the hell is W? He has nothing better to do, so he decides to attend. Upon his arrival he is greeted by an odd man and a house full of strangers, but is told they have been wanting to meet him and seem to already know him. Despite the awkward atmoshere he has a drink. A mysterious woman appears, but quickly disappears as he mingles with the other guests. Who is this woman? Is she the hostess? Or is she the ghost of the murderous Mary Grauer (Sarah Masters) who killed her invited guests 100 years ago by chopping them with an axe? Maybe that W was an M after all…
(Based on the short story “Mark of the Loser” by Grant Brandner – Screenplay by Richard Stoudt & Laurence C. Holloway)

REPOSSESSED tells the story of the deal of a lifetime when a 1986 Corvette convertable is being sold for only $700. When Jeff Zimmer (Chris Labadie) shows up to Eddie Allen’s (James Letterman) house to buy it, he learns that it belonged to his dead brother Tom Allen (Stephan Kessen). Title in hand, Eddie’s ready to sell. Jeff is on his way in his sweet new ride. The radio doesn’t work, but hell, it drives perfect…Then the radio suddenly blasts him out of the car. Meanwhile, Eddie performs a ritual conjuring the spirit of his brother. Tom’s back in the driver’s seat of the Corvette and on a path of death and destruction! Will Jeff survive? How many lives will Tom and his bad ass Corvette take?
(Story & Screenplay by Richard Stoudt & Laurence C. Holloway)

Satisfied with the horror stories, Miles takes it to the counter and the book keeper (Scarlet Fry) checks him out and lets him know he’s not responsible for his nightmares, but will his nightmares become reality?

VOICES FROM THE GRAVE is a very entertaining and fun film. I would recommend it to any horror fan who loves a throwback to the 80’s style storytelling with a multiple tale set-up. Robin Hall supplies music compositions that provide a perfectly eerie atmoshphere. The production and delivery of the stories are very well done. A very enjoyable film indeed.



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