Malevolent Magazine has been a part of the Indie Horror Community for over a year now and has been accepted and praised by the filmmakers, actors and actresses in the genre. We feel it is very important from this point forward to only cover Indie Horror films and the talented people associated with them. The filmmakers, actors, actresses, film festivals and SPFX artists of Indie Horror deserve our full attention and focus to make sure we release the best issues of Malevolent Magazine.

Another factor that will help us create the best Indie Horror magazine is releasing bi-monthly issues as opposed to monthly issues, beginning with June/July. This will give us the time to create the most well-rounded, visually stunning Horror magazine that the readers and featured guests will be proud to display and share with Horror friends and family. Also, we can focus more on the promotion of Malevolent and advertising sales, which is vital to the success of the magazine.

Malevolent Magazine is the only publication of its kind to actually give the Indie Horror filmmakers and their co-workers the full spread features in a magazine. We have gotten a little off that path where we feature photography, models, musicians, literature writers or artists not associated with film. All of these features are full of very talented people, but if we are going to stick to what formed the solid Malevolent foundation we must only feature Indie Horror films.

We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of Malevolent over the last year as we have featured some of the most talented people in any industry. An extra special thank you to those who have shared the features and bought the issues and t-shirts to show your support. This is the dawn of a new era and we have lots in the works to make Malevolent your #1 source for Indie Horror films. Plus, watch for new merchandise to come with some exciting new themed artwork by Lykana Ink. Stay tuned folks, beginning in June you’re in for a new treat.


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