White Lion Studios’ WOLF HOUSE Review by Malevolent Magazine


White Lion Studios presents WOLF HOUSE

Director: Matt D. Lord
Writers: Ken Cosentino, Elizabeth Houlihan
Stars: Jessica Bell, Ken Cosentino, Marcus Ganci-Rotella, Elizabeth Houlihan, Marc Sturdivant, Rick Williams and Bill Kennedy.

“In October of 2010, six friends went on a camping trip in Hartland, NY. Soon after, they were all brutally murdered. A brief investigation brought little to light and soon the cause of deaths was deemed “wolf attack.” Only it wasn’t wolves.

These are the tapes they don’t want you to see. We acquired this footage from Joseph Hiller’s home video camera and John Carrier’s GoPro. Wolf House shows the last remaining hours in the lives of the six victims.

After shooting a large animal which they believed to be dead, they brought it home in a tarp and left it in their basement. Before they could decide what to do with it, the monster came to life and began devouring them. You didn’t see it on the news because if it was reported, if the TRUTH was reported, it would change everything. The footage is real. The movie is real.”

Here is a link to the Hartland Herald story that broke the news to the public:
Hartland Herald -Tragedy Strikes Local Families

Wolf House on IMDb

Wolf House on Facebook

I caught up with actress Jessie Bell, who plays Rebekkah in the film: “Working on Wolf House was an amazing experience and unlike anything I have filmed before. Our director Matt had a unique approach to revealing the script (or parts of the script) to the actors. I loved working with all of our ensemble cast. We truly brought the best character out of each other and I think that chemistry really shows up on screen for our audience.”

WOLF HOUSE truly is an original and unique take on the found footage sub-genre in the world of horror films. Combining the realistic factor of the video camera filming style with the elements of a creature feature. The creatures themselves are fantastic, but I’m not going to give too much away on their wolfen presence. Then add the gore FX and creepiness of the man with no eyes and his familiars, you’ve got a full flegded horror spectacular. Jessie Bell is right, the believability of the relationships of the cast shines through in the film. Bill Kennedy’s appearance as “the silhouette” warning us of what we are about to witness adds a very stong component.

The film was very well thought out with surprises and twists around every corner. If you are a fan of Found Footage Horror films, WOLF HOUSE will definitely open a new door to a realm of orginality within the genre. A must see for any Horror fan.


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