Johnny Daggers’ SAMHAIN: NIGHT FEAST “Definitive Version” Review by Malevolent Magazine


Johnny Daggers and DaggerVision Films presents SAMHAIN: NIGHT FEAST “Definitive Version”

Johnny Daggers wrote, directed and starred in his first film SAMHAIN: NIGHT FEAST (2010). It screened at the Bastards Of Horror Short Film Festival (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) where it was voted the “crowd favorite” and won the film festival. Now, 5 years later, Daggers has resurrected the film, re-edited the sound himself and packed it with new audio and a ton of sounds. This is SAMHAIN: NIGHT FEAST the “Definitive Version” –

The Master of The Macabre, Brian Cottington introduces us to the film in classic Horror host fashion…An unusually hot Halloween night and all out of trick-or-treat candy. It’s up to Johnny to go to the store and pick up a fresh supply, but while he’s out his wife is tormented by the sounds of knocking at the door. Meanwhile, that’s not all they have to worry about on this night. Will Johnny make it home to protect the wife or will he and his buddy become a treat for the night feasters?

Compared to the original version of SAMHAIN: NIGHT FEAST, the “Definitive Version” has a much cleaner look as Daggers cleared up the graininess of the film, but still kept the classic B&W look and feel about it. More horrifically fitting music to set the tone of the scenes was also changed up. Plus, it’s amazing how much small details like the sound of chirping grasshoppers amidst a crackling bonfire or a phone ringing on the other end of a call can truly help the mood of a film sequence take form. Johnny went the extra mile for this remastered version and it shows. This is a film any hardcore Horror connoisseur will love and appreciate.

Original SAMHAIN: NIGHT FEAST Trailer:

Johnny Daggers’ BLOOD ON THE REEL is now complete and is set for release later this year through SGL Entertainment. It is a one of a kind in depth look into the world of Indie Horror with lots of talented filmmakers telling stories of their experiences and hardships in the guerrilla filmmaking field. Malevolent Magazine will be dedicating the August/September issue to BOTR with exclusive interviews, artwork, cast quotes, BTS photos and much more! Stay tuned for more details as the time draws closer.



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