Demon House Pictures and Mark Duffield’s DEMON – Malevolent Magazine Review


The DEMON myth – an Incubus Demon that visits a woman while she sleeps. It impregnates her in what appears to be a dream, a nightmare. When the infant is born, the Incubus returns to devour the soul of the child, tragically end in a mysterious death in the cradle…But it is believed that if the child survives, it will be cursed. Should it love or be loved, it will transform in to a demon itself, the progeny of its demonic creator!

Mark Duffield’s DEMON is a classically written story set in Victorian London in a time when disease control of blood transfusions were in their burgeoning state. Lorcan (Andrew Mullan) is believed to be afflicted with a blood disorder that causes the hemoglobin levels in his body to be deficient and his skin intolerant to sunlight. He arrives at the London Hospital where a blood transfusion ensues courtesy of innovator in the practice, Dr. Edward (Tom Hall).

Nursing Assistant Amy Harper (Clare Langford) and Lorcan take a special liking to one another from the beginning. Will they experience one of the most romantic love stories ever told or will the curse of the demon take hold and the need to feed on human flesh and blood control Lorcan forever?

DEMON delivers a cinematic experience on a grandiose level with beautifully shot scenes to set the tone of the overall look of the film. The story itself is very unique among the tales of vampires or demons, especially combining the two of them. World class acting ties everything together and the bloody gore will satisfy any of your horror needs. Definitely check DEMON out because Mark Duffield has found the pulse of a classic in making.

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