Revenge of the Killer Shrews – A Horror-Comedy by Bart Grieb


An Action-Monster-Thriller sequel fifteen years in the making!

Back in the year 2000, Bart Grieb released his first short film: Taming of the Killer Shrews. Based on a 1959 feature monster movie by Ray Kellogg which had recently come into the public domain, Bart’s film launched his career. Now, he’s back for more!

Armed with an 80 page script and an excited cast and crew, Bart is ready to bring back the magic with a feature-length sequel. Kellogg’s original film has fans worldwide, and we hope that all of you will join them in getting this movie made! With your contribution, this film will be able to achieve high production values with diverse sets, thrilling action sequences, and killer special effects.

Check out the Indiegogo Campaign for Revenge of the Killer Shrews! Donate if you can and share the link!


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