The Arrival Of The Demon: The Origin Of MALEVOLENT


Demon Drawing by Michael Boeckelmann – Demon Coloring by Glen Hammonds – The Story of Malevolent by Emory Slone

Hot winds whip as the crackling flames burn higher, permeating within the depths of the infernal chambers of darkness. In Hell, the stench of death, rotting flesh and melting sulfer radiates throughout the thick, moribund air. The Dark Lord stands, blackened wings spread and horns held high, as a new legion of demons are being born. Hellspawn slowly break through matured pods as he overlooks his new batch. “Rise my children!” he proclaims with blasphemous eyes.

Little baby bloodsoaked demons stretch their arms and legs let out screams of anguish as their wings begin to unravel and horns break the skin on their heads. One lies still looking at his father with piercing eyes of focus. The Dark Lord walks over to him, picks him up and holds him, studying the fearsome look staring back. With his clawed finger he carves “MM” into the infant demon’s forehead and says, “You are my special one. You will be known as MALEVOLENT.”

An adolescent batch of demons sit, looking at The Dark Lord as he teaches them the essence of evil and how they must come to Earth, possess innocent souls and turn them into the evil doers of the world. With his razor sharp talons he points at them and shouts, “My fledgling children…you must rise upon the earth and possess mankind! Bring their souls to me to fuel the fires of Hell! Give us eternal power and I…we shall reign supreme over Him and his kind! Everlasting pain and suffering for them all! The time is fast approaching!”

MALEVOLENT is different. He was born with a good heart and freewill. He can’t understand the hate and rage of his father. He thinks to himself, “Mankind doesn’t deserve to be unwittingly controlled into doing evil if they are good in their hearts. If I can stop this I will, but I must time it just right.”

The Dark Lord approaches him and says, “MALEVOLENT my son, the time has come and you are the chosen one to lead your kindred demons on this earthly quest. You know what must and any casualties of your brothers will be no setback toward our reign.” MALEVOLENT looks at his father with darkness in his eyes, “Yes Father, I fully understand what I must do.”

MALEVOLENT stands at Hell’s gateway to Earth with the legion of his kindred demons behind him. The light of the outside world reflects into the darkness as they step forth upon the land of humankind for the first time…

To be continued…

Watch for the continuation of this demonic tale in the form of a comic strip in the coming issues of Malevolent Magazine X-treme!


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