THE PRICE by Shawn Anthony starring Jessica Felice


It’s not everyday when you watch a well made film that was created on the budget of only $1.00. Filmmaker Shawn Anthony created just that out of the passion for his craft. THE PRICE stars Jessica Felice, Michelle Lewis & Steven Cambian and tells the story of Stacie, who has lost everything and looks to exact vengeance on those who hurt her. She’s staying with her brother and his girlfriend Elizabeth, who could help her achieve her goals. Is she willing to pay the ultimate price to get what her soul desires? What Hell is she willing to go through to get her revenge? You must watch this supernatural horror/thriller to find out!

I definitely give THE PRICE the Malevolent horns up of approval. From the storyline to the visual effects and cinematography to the well acted roles of the cast, this film is of the highest quality that can be held in the same regards as others with a much higher budget. Jessica Felice will dazzle you with her spellbinding supernatural role as the wickedly charming character Elizabeth. Shawn Anthony has given us a timeless masterpiece with this short film and we look forward to seeing his upcoming feature THE HAUNTED.

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